To provide the Hospitality Service Industry with high-quality professionals dedicated to serving the business


To be a premier provider of quality education in Hospitality focused on experimental learning, attracting a varied local, national and global student population, by implementing a positively diverse learning environment.


Conquer the world with true Hospitality!

Core Values

The M. A. Rangoonwala Institute of Hotel Management and Research has adopted and aligned the Institutional core values stated by the NAAC accreditation framework and are detailed as:

Contributing to National Development:

We, at MARIHMR focus on imbibing professional ethics and values into our students so that they can grow into successful hoteliers, thus contributing to the national development. To meet the needs of the rapidly changing hospitality industry the college must continually investigate which competencies are essential for graduates to possess and revise the teaching methodology to meet these needs. The desired hospitality education competencies that graduates are required to possess seems to be central to the success of hospitality studies education. At present, the hospitality industry in India is considered a ‘sunrise industry’ which means it has a huge scope in the near future. It is considered as one of the most profitable industries which also accounts for a major of the total workforce, creating almost millions of jobs in the past five years. The sector attracts a major chunk of foreign direct investment inflow along with the most important means of foreign exchange for the country.

Promoting the Use of Technology

Today, the hospitality industry is shifting towards technologically interfaced products and services. To perform and remain competitive in the volatile hospitality business environment, graduates require a complex set of operational & managerial skills, and to develop constructive thinking for transferring the acquired skill and knowledge into productivity and performance. Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Use of technology in managing hotels has become imperative. Knowledge of these technologies particularly in hospitality studies is very important. More stress on development of computer skills and PMS software at the college level is the need of the hour for making presentations, teaching, research, etc. MARIHMR has introduced add on courses to encourage more use and knowledge of computer skills. Guidance on use of modern equipment in kitchen, restaurants, housekeeping and front office departments is also provided.

Fostering Global Competencies among Students

Globalization is redefining and transforming interactions between people all over the world. Although nations differ in their level of globalization, it is critical in this day and age that nations foster global competency in their citizens and students. Hospitality curricula include courses like Hospitality Services Marketing, Travel and Tourism, French, Food Production and Food Service Operations. Such disciplines can touch on international components that involve business, politics, culture, food, history, religion, education, art, music, and travel. Therefore, MARIHMR can be an excellent platform for fostering global competency among students.

Inculcating a Value System among Students

Hospitality management education is extremely versatile and teaches graduates “life skills for professionals, professional skills for life” that can be applied across industries, departments and positions. In a country like India, with cultural pluralities and diversities, it is essential that students imbibe the appropriate values commensurate with social, cultural, economic and environmental realities, at the local, national and universal levels. The seeds of values such as cooperation and mutual understanding during the early stages of education have to be reiterated and re-emphasized at the higher education also through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities. A balanced, integrative and inter-disciplinary approach toward teaching, research and service activities is observed at the college. An ethical responsibility to the college, the community, and the hospitality & tourism profession is inculcated in the students.

Quest for Excellence

The unique strengths and contributions of each faculty and staff member associated with the college and its programs; and the role of administrative systems in maximizing these strengths and minimizing the weakness proves our quest for excellence.